Spring Tuneup

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As the warmer weather approaches, now is the time to  have a central heating system system maintenance check. Remember those odd noises your heating has produced since the autumn…hissing, gurgling, banging (not to mention the staining on radiators and pipework)? Had problems getting enough hot water? Your  boiler hasn’t been serviced since who knows when? Spending a bit of money on routine maintenance now could save you from frosty...

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Fit A Thermostat

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There are only three ways to reduce energy consumption in a heating system: 1.  Reduce waste: only heat the parts of the home in use (use CM Zone to split your system into zones) Don’t overheat your home 2. Reduce demand: heat only when people are home, use a programmable room thermostat to vary the heating programme to suit the lifestyle 3. Increase efficiency: convert fuel to heat more efficiently by fitting controls that allow condensing...

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Winter Tips

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For many householders freezing temperatures will cause havoc with their plumbing and heating systems, which may result in burst pipes costing hundreds, even thousands, of pounds worth of damage. More importantly, it will leave some families without heat or hot water at the coldest time of the year.   The Chartered Institute of and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) gives the following advice to help householders avoid a plumbing emergency. 1....

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Don’t wait. Stay Gas Safe.

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Now is the time to get your boiler serviced. The question is what should you expect a RGI to do as part of an annual service? The first clue is in the manufacturer’s installation manual. If you’ve inherited your boiler or misplaced the booklet, not to worry as a quick search on Google will quickly reveal a replacement for free download…or you could try here.  Cost of the service will vary according to the model of boiler, its...

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