There are only three ways to reduce energy consumption in a heating system:

1.  Reduce waste: only heat the parts of the home in use (use CM Zone to split your system into zones) Don’t overheat your home
2. Reduce demand: heat only when people are home, use a programmable room thermostat to vary the heating programme to suit the lifestyle
3. Increase efficiency: convert fuel to heat more efficiently by fitting controls that allow condensing boilers to condense.
All of these can be performed on a home with little or no mess, just by fitting or changing controls.
There is no need to change your boiler, just improve the way it works.
Install controls to reduce carbon emissions and make a large impact on the overall energy performance of your home. Save money on your heating bills too.
S. Dendy Plumbing & Heating  installs Honeywell controls. Check out the Honeywell’s CM Range here.
Our favourite energy saving gadget is Honeywell’s user friendly wireless programmable roomstat, the CM927 also available in a wired version, the CM907